Be Picky About Your Travel Tech

If I don’t need a laptop, I don’t bring it. I will just bring my Ipad Mini with a keyboard case. My phone is encased in a charged Mophie case. I also keep a small pouch with charging cables that I keep in my purse and a larger pouch with a multi-outlet/USB adapter to make friends while traveling.

Travel Tech Pro Tips

  • If your charging cables break, discard them responsibly ASAP. I made the mistake of grabbing two broken cables on my last trip because I didn’t think to throw them out and I found out the hard way while en route to my destination.
  • Carry a small multi-outlet adapter so you can share power with Your seat mates
  • If you love to take photos, consider a lens clip-on for your phone and adjust the phone settings to get higher res photos
  • Really worried about running out of power? Bring a charger. It will weigh you down a bit, but it may also give you peace of mind.

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